Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Entries

To Those Who May Be Interested,

I haven't updated for over a year as I have been involved with other activities.  I do plan on getting back to it, so for those of you who have used my materials, any feedback is very welcome as I start a new round before terribly long.  There are some amazing TEDTalks that I am itching to turn into lessons.  Thanks and I hope what I've done so far has been a help.  Thank you!  Doug


  1. Have just discovered your website and must tell you that it's so GREAT! Also happy to know that you are going to update the materials again, cos this is what I exactly need for my my non-profit lessons that i have to give to some Italian company. They are those involved in PR and social media and all the most important events going around the lessons based on up-to-date TED talks will definitely encourage them to spend their Saturdays on obligatory English lessons organised by their boss. Looking forward to new entries and thank you!

  2. You've done an awesome work!!! Cheers, from Argentina!

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